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RollBud is a portable joint rolling assistant that keeps all of your smoking materials safe and secure. Say goodbye to lost lighters, crinkled rolling papers, and loose herb. This 8-in-1 product will revolutionize your ritual.

8 in 1 design includes:
  1. Rolling Paper Dispenser keeps your rolling papers safe from tearing and crumpling
  2. Filter Tip Compartment stores your filter tips in an organized fashion
  3. Lighter Compartment ensures you never lose your lighter again
  4. Poke Tool/Screwdriver allows you to pack your herb down
  5. Doob Tube protects your pre-roll for later
  6. Grinder lets you grind your legal smoking herbs down to a perfect consistency
  7. Herb Storage holds up to 4 grams of legal smoking herb.
  8. Wind-Guard/Rolling Tray guarantees you'll always have a surface for rolling and you'll always be able to light-up on those breezy days.


Height: 5.7 in

Diameter: 1.8 in

Weight: 0.56 lbs



  • First edition premium packaging
  • Rolling papers
  • (2) Filter tip booklets
  • Poke tool
  • Pamphlet

* mini Bic lighter must be purchased separately